Become a Member today

Become a Member today

Subscription Membership to Thales Foundation includes:

  1. FREE Participation in the annual KANGOUROU Mathematics Competition, value of €20
  2. €10 Discount on the Thales test for General and Mathematics Competence
  3. €40 Discount on the KANGOUROU STEAME SUMMERCAMP
  4. 15 FREE Mathematical exercises or question solutions with electronic communication. Send the exersice by email and in less than 24 hours it will return with its solution, value of €90
  5. €20 Discount on the registration fees for the International Student Conference EUROMATH & EUROSCIENCE
  6. FREE Participation in a thematic workshop/seminar day for students, within the year, live or online, value of €40
  7. FREE Participation of the two parents for an educational seminar that will be of interest to them, value of €40
Total Value of Benefits: €260, but you pay only €100 for subscription

FOR TWO STUDENTS SIBLINGS SUBSCRIPTION: €80 per student for one year

For more information contact:

+357 22283600